Oscar Isaac: Why that stubborn Llewyn Davis will not compromise

“The Coen brothers decided to make a movie about a folk artist living in a desperate situation, not a romantic version of the beatniks having a nice time in the coffee houses,” Oscar Isaac tells Gold Derby about “Inside Llewyn Davis.” He describes the title character he portrays as a musician “who is clinging onto something and life is squeezing him. His music is the noise that’s coming out.

“Davis plays old folk songs, but people want something new,” he adds. “He’s not willing to do that because that’s not his true voice. So he’s in this hamster wheel where nothing seems to be going his way …. This is not Bob Dylan. Not the poet genius. It’s the blue collar guy from the boroughs and that’s something I held onto while we did it.”

Currently, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is ranked ninth in the Best Picture race by the Experts’ predictions at Gold Derby. That means it’s looking good for a nomination in that top race — plus others.



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