Will James Cromwell finally win first Emmy for ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’?

If Gold Derby’s editors, experts and users are correct, veteran actor James Cromwell will finally win an Emmy award thanks to his sadistic role on “American Horror Story: Asylum.”

Cromwell is already a three-time Emmy also-ran, having failed to secure wins for “RKO 281” (Movie/Mini Supporting Actor in 2000), “ER” (Drama Guest Actor in 2001) and “Six Feet Under” (Drama Guest Actor in 2003). Thanks to the movie “Babe,” Cromwell also has a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination under his belt; he lost that 1995 race to Kevin Spacey (“The Usual Suspects”). 

Hey voters, isn’t it time for James Cromwell to actually win something?

According to Gold Derby’s exclusive polling, that time is now. Cromwell currently comes in first place in the race for Movie/Mini Supporting Actor. That puts him above category competitors Jeffrey Tambor (“Phil Spector“), Peter Mullan (“Top of the Lake“), Rob Lowe (“Behind the Candelabra“), Zachary Quinto (“American Horror Story: Asylum”) and Dan Aykroyd (“Behind the Candelabra”).

What’s most surprising about this group of actors is that, just like Cromwell, none of them have ever won an Emmy for acting. Tambor has six nominations under his belt, Lowe has one for “The West Wing,” while Quinto and Mullan have yet to be nominated. Aykroyd earned an Emmy for writing “Saturday Night Live” back in 1977, but couldn’t win as a performer or producer on that variety series.

If Cromwell secures victory for playing the Nazi scientist/torturer Dr. Arden on the FX anthology series, he should give a big thank you to HBO for their decision to not submit Matt Damon in the Supporting Actor category where many insiders thought he would be placed. Instead, HBO decided to submit both Damon and Michael Douglas in the Movie/Mini Lead Actor race for “Behind the Candelabra,” ensuring that only one of their Emmy-worthy performances can be rewarded with Emmy gold.

Find out if Cromwell’s evil doctor makes the cut when Emmy nominations are revealed July 18. Neil Patrick Harris hosts the 65th Primetime Emmys on CBS Sept. 22.

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