News Nuggets: ‘Mad Men’ premieres season six opener in Hollywood

Mad Men” unveiled its two-hour season premiere at the DGA theater in Hollywood, throws its hat back into the Emmy ring. Writes Pete Hammond, “The new season, which debuts on April 7th, opens with Don Draper and wife Megan on Christmas vacation on the beaches of Waikiki and promises more of the same kind of intrigue and incremental character development for which it is known. But creator Matt Weiner, who obviously wants to keep viewers guessing, warned the packed industry crowd not to give anything away before the show actually airs. In fact, in the elaborate press kit sent to critics, Weiner is even more specific about keeping the first episode’s secrets intact with a non-reveal list that includes the year the season begins, status of Don and Megan’s relationship, whether the agency has expanded to an additional floor, new characters, and new relationships or partnerships.” Deadline

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Tony-winner “The Book of Mormon” debuts in London to mixed reviews. Associated Press

Hot in Cleveland” will stage a “Mary Tyler Moore Show” reunion. Hitfix

Viggo Mortensen wonders why his latest film, “Everybody Has a Plan,” wasn’t released in time for the 2012 Oscar season: “‘Typically in the United States, a movie that comes from Spain, unless its [Pedro Almodovar], goes to a couple of arthouse theaters where it’ll be largely an Anglo audience,’ he noted. ‘Film buffs. That’s the way they always do it. They’re afraid it’s not possible to get a crossover, a movie people would like.'” The Wrap

Drive” director Nicolas Winding Refn posts new pictures on Twitter of his new film with Ryan Gosling, “Only God Forgives.” Hitfix

HBO’s “Phil Spector” film is mostly a work of fiction, writer-director David Mamet tells Steve Pond. The Wrap

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