Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj: Why Emmys need Best Reality Judge race!

One of the greatest battles of the year isn’t happening in any sports arena. It’s taking place behind the judges’ table at “American Idol.”

Since the twelfth season debuted in January, new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have fought, bickered and tweeted their disagreements with each other time and time again. Just this week, Minaj took to the internet to call Carey “bitter” and “insecure” after their most recent argument on the long-running reality show.

Host Ryan Seacrest always tries his best to diffuse the feud by making jokes about it, but if you ask us, the real way to end the Mariah-Nicki showdown once and for all is to have them duke it out at the Emmys.

For that to happen, the TV academy will need to organize a brand new category — Best Reality Judge — and nominate Carey and Minaj alongside the other stalwarts of the reality biz to see who comes out on top.

Just six years ago, the Emmys created the race for Best Reality Host in the hopes of bringing new eyeballs to the Emmy telecast. After all, reality shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” do gangbusters for their networks in terms of ratings and buzz. As time goes by, more and more reality series are cropping up across the TV landscape, so it’s high time to give these shows additional categories at the Emmys.

In our most recent Gold Derby Slugfest (watch it below), our Editors Tom O’Neil, Daniel Boneschankser and Marcus Dixon discussed the topic of creating more reality categories at the Emmys, including Best Reality Judge and even Best Reality Contestant. Here are just a few of our thoughts:

Daniel Boneschankser: “I can see the judges [getting their own category]. For me, it’s kind of hard to wrap my mind around a contestant having their own category. It’s almost like that was their contest, and then the Emmys is the contest for the host. The host can’t win ‘American Idol’ or ‘Survivor‘ or whatever. The contestants can. I feel like it seems a bit odd, but I think they should at least allow judges to be able to submit somewhere, even if it’s in the hosting category.”

Marcus Dixon: “I love this idea. I think they should have Best Judge. And then you can have people from ‘Project Runway‘ that would be going against the judges from ‘American Idol’ and the coaches from ‘The Voice.’ It’d be really exciting to see them being judged finally.”

Tom O’Neil: “Where I think there’s a powerful argument to be made for this idea of a Contestant Emmy is if you think about it, when you see a performance — because they are giving a performance on these shows — it is a performance as fully embodied as you see in any acting piece and in any variety show.”

Besides Carey and Minaj, other contenders of the proposed Best Reality Judge race could be Simon Cowell (“The X Factor“), Howard Stern (“America’s Got Talent“), Adam Levine and Blake Shelton (“The Voice”), Michael Kors (“Project Runway”) and the biggest judge of them all Donald Trump (“Celebrity Apprentice“).

Come on, Emmys, now that’s a showdown worth watching!

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