Michael Musto and Tom O’Neil launch their own Oscar smear campaigns (podcast)

When it comes to spreading vicious Oscar gossip targeted to take down unwanted contenders, why should film studios and award campaigners have all of the fun? No, no, no, no – Michael Musto (Out, Gawker) and I insist upon getting in on the action.

Granted, some of our rumors are a bit silly (“12 Years a Slave” = one week working for Harvey Weinstein; those monsters in “Monsters University” never really graduated from high school), but I think we’re onto something here. If reaction to this podcast is good, Michael and I may soon return with this routine as an ongoing shtick, spewing our venon (and cringe-inducing camp) across Oscarland for the next few months.

Hey, somebody’s gotta liven up this derby season, eh? Who else do you know are crazy/ tasteless enough to make “12 Years a Slave” jokes and to seriously discuss that very real rumor spread just a few weeks ago that “Gravity” can’t win Best Picture because Sandra Bullock isn’t wearing an adult diaper in space? That’s where our podcast begins, then spirals out of control down to earth afterward.

Oh, yeah, we also dish Michael’s Oscar predictions. Check out his rankings all on one page here. See them side by side with other Experts per category here. Click here or icon below to hear the podcast. Or listen to it and previous podcasts at iTunes and subscribe to our audio series.


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