Will ‘Modern Family’ set new record at SAG Awards?

Modern Family” has won Best Comedy Ensemble for three years running at the SAG Awards. And if, as we predict, it makes it four in a row this January that’ll break the tie for the record with “Seinfeld” (1994, 1996, 1997).

Our three sets of predictions — Editors, Top 24 Users and All Users — all have “Modern Family’ far out in front. That strong support is good enough for leading odds of 19/10 (See full breakdown of odds here.)

However, be warned when making your predictions — there is somewhat of a disconnect between these kudos and the Emmys. 

“Frasier” won five in a row at the Emmys beginning in 1994 but lost all of its SAG bids in that time span to “Seinfeld” as well as “Friends” (1995) and “Ally McBeal” (1998). This laffer only won over SAG voters in 1999, a year after its winning streak at the Emmys came to an end. 

30 Rock” took home three Emmys in a row (2007-2009) but only one SAG Award in 2008. Likewise for two-time Emmy champ “Everybody Loves Raymond” (2003, 2005), which won with SAG in 2002. 

Conversely, “Desperate Housewives” won the SAG Award two years running (2004, 2005) but lost its only Emmys bid in 2005 to “Raymond.” And a pair of two-time SAG champs — “Sex and the City” (2001, 2003) and “The Office” (2006, 2007) — prevailed just once each at the Emmys in 2001 and 2006 respectively. 

If “Modern Family” falls, what will take its place? 

Two-time also-ran “The Big Bang Theory” has the backing of one Editor (Chris Beachum) as well as two of the Top 24 and about 8% of All Users. Star Jim Parsons picked up his third Emmy this year. 

Veep” didn’t reap a bid at last year’s SAG Awards but coming off its strong Emmy showing with two acting wins (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale), one of our Top 24 and about 3% of All Users predict it to prevail this year with the actors union. 

And while “30 Rock” doesn’t have the support of any Editors or Top 24 Users, about 6% of All Users expect it to get a farewell hug from SAG and finally pick up that bookend. 

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