Poll: Which ‘Modern Family’ star is likeliest to be snubbed by Emmys?

After three seasons at the top, will “Modern Family” continue to be an Emmy juggernaut this year? According to Gold Derby’s editors, fans of this hit laffer shouldn’t get their hopes up.

All six of the show’s adult cast members were nominated for its second and third seasons in the Comedy Supporting Actor and Comedy Supporting Actress categories. Ed O’Neill had missed out on a bid in the comedy’s inaugural year despite having the biggest name recognition among his co-stars — Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Our editors recently weighed in on whether or not all six will be nominated again, and which ones are the most vulnerable.

Below, a few snippets from our lively roundtable discussion. And, at the bottom of the post, a poll for you to voice your opinion on this hot button issue. 

Rob Licuria: In terms of material each actor had to work with, I’d say Sofia Vergara should be worried, but she’ll still likely squeeze in. It’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson that’s really in trouble. The Comedy Supporting Actor category will be more crowded this year and I think he didn’t have as good a season as his best season last year.

Chris Beachum: Now ending its fourth season, I think “Modern Family” has peaked at the Emmys. Fatigue might be starting with voters, not only in acting categories but also as Best Comedy Series. If anyone gets snubbed this year, the most likely candidate is Ed O’Neill. Even under the best possible circumstances of being the hot new show its first season and being the most recognizable comedy veteran, O’Neill was left out in 2010.

Daniel Montgomery: Ed O’Neill is the only member of the main adult cast who has ever missed out on a nomination. Supporting categories for comedy often favor broad, scene-stealing performances, and O’Neill plays “Modern Family’s” most understated character, so if anyone is left out this year, it may be him.

Marcus Dixon: As much as I want the Emmys to go the “West Wing” route with “Modern Family” (that is, giving the trophy to a different actor every year), I just can’t bring myself to add Jesse Tyler Ferguson to my predictions. When I think back at the most recent season, Ferguson’s role is the one that stayed with me the least, and this despite having him in my number one position to win the previous year. Thanks to “Arrested Development‘s” clan of supporting Bluths, this category is going to be brutal this year and I don’t expect Ferguson to survive the onslaught.

Charles Bright: I hate to say it, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson seems like he would be most vulnerable of being left out. He’s usually the actor that us pundits assume will be snubbed because he doesn’t display the outrageousness of Stonestreet or Burrell even though he delivers some of the more solid performances on the show. O’Neill could be in danger too because he’s already been left out of the mix once. I don’t see this happening to either of the women on the show, as Comedy Supporting Actor seems to be the more cutthroat category.

Daniel Boneschansker: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s season wasn’t as strong this season as it was last year, so depending on how many men from “Arrested Development” get in, and how much the Emmys love Bill Hader and Max Greenfield, Ferguson is vulnerable to be left off the ballot this year. But I do think that Ed O’Neill is far from a lock. While strong on the show, O’Neill has yet to deliver an Emmy-worthy episode, but his material seemed to be a bit stronger this season than it was last year. But it certainly is hard to ignore O’Neill’s snub for the show’s premiere season (despite being the biggest name going into the show), and thus assume that he is bottom of the Emmy totem pole for the adult males on “Modern Family.”

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