MTV VMAs: My spy report from the audience

Attending MTV VIMAs as an audience member is like dining at a buffet, not a sit-down dinner. You don’t get a full course meal. You get to sample many varieties. Below are some bite-sized observations I had while dwelling in the belly of the beast.

During the commercial break, DJ Cassidy played a mash-up of Guns N’ Roses‘ “Welcome to the Jungle” and Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”  With no rock artists performing on the VMA stage this year, it was the only sign of rock.

The telecast does not show the audience enough. The majority of the audience was decked out with real extravagance. Even people in the nose-bleed seats dressed to impress.

Before the envelope is opened and a winner is announced, MTV’s camera crew sets up in front of the winner. So, if you follow the movement of the camera crew, you know the next winner ahead of time.

At the end of the ‘NSYNC reunion performance, Chris Kirkpatrick‘s floor lift got stuck and he had to jump down to get below the stage.

Watching Lady Gaga in the audience shows what a great actress she really is. She seemed unfazed throughout the show, but exploded with energy when the camera was on her.

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During the commercial breaks, stagehands move impressively with precision making elaborate set changes look easy.

Will Smith was the biggest star in the audience, but he was not a presenter, performer or nominee.

Even though Miley Cyrus did not win a moonman, her performance was the most talked about VMA moment of the night.  It was her “rock star credibility moment.” It was similar to Madonna rolling on the floor in a wedding dress singing “Like A Virgin” at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards.

I was surprised MTV did not sell anything with their logo on it.  No programs, shirts, hats, stickers, etc. The only things to buy were food and drink.  Even the cups did not have the MTV logo.

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