Watch: Olivia Munn on her growing role on ‘The Newsroom’ [Video]

When Olivia Munn‘s character of Sloan Sabbith first appeared on “The Newsroom” last summer, she was on screen for a small number of scenes, usually as comic relief. But by the sixth episode “Bullies,” she had developed a commanding presence and is now an essential part of the ensemble.

“If you perform at a certain level, they start to give you more,” revealed Munn in a video interview with Gold Derby. She had just completed work on “Perfect Couples,” “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” and “Attack of the Show” when casting began for Aaron Sorkin‘s new HBO drama. “I knew I wasn’t favored to even audition for it. Against all my representation, I turned down other offers just for the hope of auditioning for Sorkin, no matter how small it was.”

The series is set in the newsroom of a cable news network in New York City. Sloan is a business and financial anchor until the episode “Bullies” when she is recruited as a last-minute replacement host of the late night broadcast. However, she receives bad advice from the show’s top anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels). During the program, she reveals private information from one of her guests while getting to demonstrate her impressive Japanese language skills. Munn gets to be both funny and emotionally raw during the hour.

She will be competing as Best Drama Supporting Actress on the Emmy ballot. Last year’s winner Maggie Smith (“Downton Abbey“) is once again favored to prevail, but Munn has been steadily climbing the lengthy bracket and is now in the 12th position on the exclusive Gold Derby rankings.

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