Will our top 24 users do better than experts or YOU at predicting Oscars?

Sure, our Experts do well at predicting the Oscars. And so do our Editors. But the group that does the best at foreseeing these kudos is drawn from users like you.

Compare how these three different groups did last year by going to our leaderboard. You will see that a dozen users scored better than our best Editor (Daniel Montgomery with 74% correct) while 30 Users outpaced our leading Expert (Anne Thompson with 73% correct). 

The two dozen users who earned the best scores predicting last year’s Oscar nominations return as a new league — the Top 24 — to compete against the Experts, Editors and All Users.

Check out the differences and similarities in the predictions of these four sets by clicking the tabs in our Oscar predictions center. And compare their individual rankings translated into combined odds.

Those featured in the Top 24 league could change up until Oscar nominations are announced on Jan. 16 as not all of last year’s top forecasters have made their predictions for this year yet. Thus, the membership is dynamic, featuring the top tier currently making predictions. Some of these may well get bumped out by last year’s champs as they weigh in with their thoughts. 

But don’t fret. Those who get dropped from that chart may end up in the one found under the tab marked “Users.” That is populated from our top 48 users predicting last year’s Oscar nominations.

Make or update your Oscar predictions right now to see if you can be among the elite next year. Start with the lineup for Best Picture below. 

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