Who do YOU want to host the Oscars?

After Seth Macfarlane officially bowed out of an encore engagement and Tina Fey said she wasn’t interested, we offered up six suggestions for host of the Oscars.

Your top choice among them was Justin Timberlake, who has won two Emmys for hosting “Saturday Night Live.” In our poll, he received 20% of your votes.

The only other contenders to score in the double digits were 2008 Oscarcast host Hugh Jackman (16%) and two-time Oscar nominee Robert Downey Jr. (11%). 

Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted last year’s Emmys to great acclaim, polled 9%.

A pair of Oscar nominees rounded out our half dozen possibilities: Queen Latifah came in at 7% and Will Smith scored 4%. 

Two other choices — a combo of the above and no one — each earned 3%. 

Your most popular pick was “someone else” which received 27% of the vote.

So, who do you want to preside over Hollywood’s biggest night? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and we will then poll you for your top choice among them. 

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