Oscar voters prefer paper ballots two to one over electronic method

At last Saturday’s general meeting, academy president Hawk Koch revealed that 90% of the members cast ballots for this year’s Oscars. Compare that to the 57% turnout by the US populace for the 2012 presidential election. 

The academy introduced electronic voting this year. While only about one-third of members signed up for this new system, 96% of these early adopters followed through by voting. 

Of the two-thirds who stuck with the traditional method, just 80% of them mailed in their final ballots. Paper ballots were sent to all members who had not registered for the new method.

Given that Koch touted this year’s participation of 90% as a record, e-voting was the key to boosting balloting. While there were the inevitable growing pains associated with this new way of doing things, it proved worth it in the end. 

However, with a majority of the membership choosing to stick with pen and paper, the old-fashioned method is unlikely to go the way of silent films for some time. 

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