Survivors, revolutionaries, rollerblading neurologist among Documentary Short Oscar contenders

Eight out of 40 eligible films remain in contention for Best Documentary Short at the Academy Awards. Voters will now select three to five of these shorts on January 16 to contend at the ceremony.

Here are the eight remaining selections in the field:

Cavedigger” – Ra Paulette digs cathedral-like, ‘eighth wonder of the world’ art caves into the sandstone cliffs of Northern New Mexico. But patrons who have commissioned caves have cut off nearly all of his projects due to artistic differences. Fed up, Ra has chosen to forego all commissions to create his own Magnum Opus, a massive, secret and unauthorized 10-year project.

Facing Fear” – The worlds of a former neo-Nazi and the gay victim of his senseless hate crime attack collide by chance 25 years after the incident that dramatically shaped both of their lives.

Jujitsu-ing Reality” – A documentary illustrating how a screenwriter suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease communicates with the world.

Karama Has No Walls” – Set amidst Yemen’s 2011 uprising. The film illustrates the nature of the Yemeni revolution in stark contrast to the gross violations of human rights that took place on Friday, March 18, 2011.

The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life” – 109 year old, Alice Herz Sommer, the world’s oldest pianist and Holocaust survivor shares her story on how to achieve a long and happy life. She discussed the importance of music, laughter and how to have an optimistic outlook on life.

Prison Terminal: Last Days of Private Jack Hall” – Cinema verite documentary that breaks through the walls of one of Americas oldest maximum security prisons to tell the story of the final months in the life of a terminally ill prisoner and the hospice volunteers, they themselves prisoners, who care for him.

Recollections” – A community of tsunami survivors holds onto its existence through pictures recovered from the debris.

Slomo” – Depressed and frustrated with his life, Dr. John Kitchin abandons his career as a neurologist and moves to Pacific Beach. There, he undergoes a radical transformation into SLOMO, trading his lab coat for a pair of rollerblades and his IRA for a taste of divinity.

Review the contenders below and make your predictions:

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