Oscars shocking snubs despite SAG, Critics’ Choice and Globe noms: Leo (twice), Angelina Jolie …

An unlucky nine have contended at all of the three top precursor prizes — the Golden Globes, SAG and Critics’ Choice Awards — but were snubbed by the Oscars.

Poor Leonardo DiCaprio makes the list below twice — for his leading performance in “J. Edgar” (2011) and his turn in “The Departed” (2006) for which he reaped lead nominations at the Globes and Critics’ Choice and a supporting nod at SAG. At the Globes and Critics’ Choice, he had competed against himself in the Best Actor race, having also reaped bids for “Blood Diamond.” At SAG, he contended in lead only for “Blood Diamond” and went on to earn a Best Actor nomination at the Oscars for that role. However, he lost all four of those lead races to Forest Whitaker (“The Last King of Scotland”). 

Compare this list to the 13 performers who defied the odds and reaped Oscar bids without contending at any of these awards here. Of these lucky 13, the ones who did it at the expense of those who ran the board are indicated below in italics. 

Paul Giamatti, “Sideways” (2004)
bumped by Clint Eastwood, “Million Dollar Baby”

Russell Crowe, “Cinderella Man” (2005); 
bumped by Terrence Howard (“Hustle and Flow”), who had contended only at Critics’ Choice.

Ryan Gosling, “Lars and the Real Girl” (2007)
bumped by Tommy Lee Jones, “In the Valley of Elah”

Leonardo DiCaprio, “J. Edgar” (2011)
bumped by Gary Oldman, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” 

John Hawkes, “The Sessions” (2012) 
bumped by Joaquin Phoenix (“The Master”), who had contended at Globes and Critics’ Choice.

Angelina Jolie (“A Mighty Heart” (2007) 
bumped by Laura Linney, “The Savages”

Tilda Swinton (“We Need to Talk About Kevin,” 2011)
bumped by Rooney Mara, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”

Marion Cotillard (“Rust and Bone,” 2012)
bumped by Quvenzhane Wallis, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Departed” (2006): Best Actor at both Critics’ Choice and Golden Globes;  Best Supporting Actor (SAG)
This Oscar race only included one nominee — Eddie Murphy (“Dreamgirls”) — who had contended at all three precursor awards; he won all three as well. However, the Oscar went to Alan Arkin (“Little Miss Sunshine”) who had been snubbed by the Globes. The other three slots went to: SAG nominee Jackie Earle Haley (“Little Children”); SAG and Critics’ Choice nominee Djimon Honsou (“Blood Diamond”); and Globe nominee Mark Wahlberg (“The Departed”). 

Mila Kunis, “Black Swan” (2010)
bumped by Jacki Weaver (“Animal Kingdom”), who had contended at Globes and Critics’ Choice.

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