Do you know these 8 secret spots at Gold Derby?

There are lots of intriguing areas of Gold Derby that you may not know about. For example …

1.) Have you explored our charts that track the movement of Oscar predictions category per category? Look at the chart above and see how Robert Redford (“All is Lost“) led the Best Actor race in early September, then dropped back behind Chiwetel Ejiofor (“12 Years a Slave“) and now he’s pushing ahead, threatening to reclaim the lead. That’s why we call this a derby. Use the tabs in the left column of that page to see more categories and click on the tabs on top to maneuver through similar prediction charts tracking the picks by our Editors.

2.) Notice that there’s a tab on those pages for handicapping. You’ll find handicapping info all over our site.

3.) Candidate pages. When you click on the names of most actors, directors, movies and TV titles mentioned in articles and charts, you’ll land on a page that gives in-depth info. For example, here’s the page on Robert Redford. Notice that it not only includes his bio, filmography, but his awards history, too. When we list losing nominations, we cite who beat him. Also notice that we invite you to give us your opinion by ranking Redford with one to five golden nuggets.

5.) Category analysis. We dish the drama behind every major awards category like this example: Best Picture at the Oscars.

6.) Leaderboards. See who scored the best when predicting past award events here.

7.) Past predictions. Do you want to see my Oscar predictions from last year? Or those any other Expert or Editor from two years ago? Check here. You can access this section through the “Leaderboards” area in our gold drop-down menu on top of every page.

8.) Calendars to see past predictions. Look for the small icons of a calendar in the top left corner of the pages that feature predictions by our Experts and Editors.

9.) See one Expert’s predictions all on one page instead of side by side with other Experts in a single category. Just click on his or her name in our charts. Or do a search for their names in the “Find Users” area in our gold menu bar – you can do that to locate regular users too. They’re featured according to the screen names they use.


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