Razzies inspired by Ben Affleck to add Redeemer Award

For 33 years, the Razzies have celebrated the worst of Hollywood. Now, these kudos are giving past champs and contenders a chance to right their wrongs with the Redeemer Award

As Razzies founder John Wilson explains, “The Razzies were originally meant not only to point out the year’s ‘Worst Achievements in Film,’ but it was also hoped they would also serve as encouragement for each year’s nominees to make better choices on future projects, thus eventually raising the bar of movie-making in general.”

He cites Ben Affleck’s “amazing decade-long journey from Razzie Record Breaker ‘Gigli’ to Best Picture Oscar winner ‘Argo'” as one of the inspirations for this new prize. In addition to Affleck, he says those who deserve Redeemer consideration include:

Forest Whitaker: 2000 Worst Supporting Actor Nominee for “Battlefield Earth,” 2006 Oscar winner and likely 2013 Best Actor nominee for “The Butler“;

Alan Menken: 1992 Worst Song “winner” for “Newsies,” 2012 Tony winner for Broadway version of “Newsies,” and current Emmy nominee;

Michael Douglas: 1991 Worst Actor nominee for “Basic Instinct” and “Shining Through” and current Best Actor Emmy nominee for “Behind the Candelabra“;

Ellen DeGeneres: 1996 Worst New Star nominee for “Mr. Wrong,” multiple Daytime Emmy winner for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and 2013 Oscar host;

and all-time female Razzie champion Madonna, who made certain she’d never “win” another Razzie …by announcing her retirement from the screen!

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