Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: We cheer Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens and Hall & Oates

Personally, I have great memories associated with all the artists being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I remember hearing Cat Stevens for the first time watching “Harold & Maude” with my mom, singing Hall and Oates at karaoke and singing KISS songs insanely out of tune at parties.

But the artist that sticks out the most for me is Peter Gabriel. I was first made aware of Gabriel when I saw his infamous music video for “Sledgehammer,” which blew me away and became my favorite song of all time. Hearing his hit 1986 album “So” for the first time, still sticks out in my memory. Last year, I got to see Gabriel in concert in the same venue where I had graduated college just a few months earlier and with better seats than I had at my graduation. Getting to discover his catalog of music has been an amazing experience and I hope for him to release some more new material so that experience can continue.

Here’s what some of our editors had to say:

Tom O’Neil: It’s really cool that Cat Stevens was chosen because he’s not really considered cool by today’s Nirvana-worshipping hipsters. But I think his music is far greater than any other music act on this year’s inductee list. How I define my own personal state of nirvana is listening to “Peace Train,” “Moonshadow” and “Morning Has Broken,” Stevens never won a Grammy, but now he’s getting some overdue love from the industry. Hurrah.

Chris Beachum: As someone who follows this closely every year, I think this is one of the best induction lineups they have had in years. It is heavy on hit-makers, many of whom have been waiting a long time to join the Hall of Fame. I am especially happy for the greatest selling duo in music history, Hall and Oates. They are more pop than rock, but so were Abba, Bee Gees, Neil Diamond, and the Righteous Brothers (all members). Should be a very fun event this time around!

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Below, read just just a sample of comments from posters in our forums. See more and add your own here.

24Emmy: Great set of inductees — especially Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, and Linda Ronstadt.

vinman422: Now that is a great group.

Butterflydiary: I agree with the choices they have this time around

Criss808: Poor LL Cool J 

Baby Clyde: 12 men. 1 woman. What a surprise

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