Curse against ‘Star Trek’ at the Oscars and Emmys?

Doesn’t matter how much film critics and movie-goers adore “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” Every Oscarologist knows that the film is doomed as it boldly goes into the next Oscar derby.

Forget the possibility of “Star Trek: Into Darkness” earning anything more than a few stray nominations in the tech categories – and even those are a longshot. Only four of the past 10 “Star Trek” movies nabbed Oscar bids: 12 total and only one paid off with a win (best makeup, “Star Trek” of 2009).

Actually, the previous TV incarnations of the franchise scored poorly too. The original “Star Trek” series never won an Emmy in any category, not even in the tech slots. However, it reaped 13 noms over all, including two for Best Drama Series. It lost in 1967 and 1968 to “Mission: Impossible.” Leonard Nimoy was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, but he lost to Eli Wallach (“Poppies Are Also Flowers”) in 1967 and to Milburn Stone (“Gunsmoke”) in 1967.

“Star Trek: The Next Generation” earned a surprise nomination for Best Drama Series in its final season (1994) and made Emmy history by becoming the first syndicated program ever to land in that race. It lost to “Picket Fences.” Over all, “Next Generation” garnered 18 wins (all in tech slots) out of 58 nominations.

“Star Trek: Voyager” received 34 Emmy noms and seven wins – all in crafts categories.

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