Please predict ‘Survivor’ right now at Gold Derby

Today we’re unveiling the newest thing at Gold Derby — the ability for you to predict competition reality TV shows. We’re starting with “Survivor” as our test. Please join us and let us know what you think the experience is like — and what we need to change/ improve. We’ll get the bugs out during this trial run. Then, starting next month in 2014, we’ll roll out to include all reality TV competition shows.

Sign in and look in the left column of your account/prediction page for the link to “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” — click that and start to play.

Tonight “Survivor” airs its third-to-last episode of the “Blood vs. Water” season, so hurry up and play. You will be tasked with answering three questions:

Who will be eliminated at the Duel?
Who will be voted off?
Who will ultimately win?

So far this has been an incredible season that saw All Star players not only return but each bring a loved one to compete with and against. It has led to unprecedented pre-merge voting to weaken the other tribe and a new dynamic as pairs have been perceived as threats. This season has seen a past winner blindsided and a mother voted out by her own daughter. Here’s what you can predict today at Gold Derby.

Who will win the title of Sole Survivor?
Here’s our player reports:
Tyson is the one to beat, he’s completely controlled the game since the merge. However, will the others realize that he’s a huge threat and not let him get to the end, or will the jury be mad at him for playing them?
Gervase, returning after 26 seasons, has played a strong game placing himself near the top of the controlling alliance. However, to win he will need to get out of Tyson’s shadow by either voting him out or craft a narrative that paints him as more deserving than Tyson.
Monica could make a claim to the title on having dominated challenges. But a challenge-based argument has never been able to win the title of sole Survivor and we’ve seen that some of the people on the show find her annoying. So it could be a tough sell.
Ciera overcame being an early target to surviving to the merge and then making the big move of voting out her mom, who will probably be on the jury to vote for her to win. A legitimate claim to the title, the question is that it’s unclear whether she is in anyone’s final three.
Hayden is a likable guy and now, as an underdog, to get to the end he’s going to have to make some big moves. If he gets to the final jury, he will be hard to beat, but it’s probably harder for him to get there than anyone else.
Katie could be a jury threat with her Mom and allies Aras and Vytas on the jury. However she has not made any big strategic moves and she has been on the outs since the merge. It will be hard for her to make it to the end or make a case to win unless she picks up her game pronto.
Tina, Laura and Caleb are all on Redemption Island, so need to make it back into the game just to have a shot of winning. The question is: will the relationships formed on Redemption Island help them secure votes to win (probs not Vytys vote in Laura’s case) or will the jury think that someone who’s been voted out shouldn’t win? The risk of the former probably makes bringing whoever returns to greater risk for the remaining players. So more challenge wins will probably be needed.
Who’s going to get voted out tonight?
here’s our ground report:
After Caleb getting voted out this week, his ally Hayden will need to scramble to stay alive in the game. This will probably mean trying to shift the target to Tyson, who has been running the game so far. When someone has a hold on the game it’s hard to convince others to turn, Hayden was able to win “Big Brother” so he has strategic mussel though. Last week both Tyson and Hayden expressed concern over Ciera being a dangerous, could the tide turn against her. Also, Katie is stranded from the main alliance so she could be an easy boot, if Hayden were to win immunity. There will be a new hidden immunity idol in play and whoever wins the necklace will have an impact.
Also, Who’s going to get eliminated from Redemption Island?
This season Laura has already returned from Redemption Island once and dominated last week’s challenge so good money would be on her staying alive. Or can Tina and Caleb put an end to her streak? The hardest part in predicting here is that the challenges can require different skills. If the Redemption Island Challenge is out of Laura’s comfort zone, then we have a whole new ball game.

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