Why I pick ‘Big Bang Theory’ to win Emmy for Best Comedy

I think “The Big Bang Theory” will win Best Comedy. It’s in a similar situation as “Friends” when it won.

The Big Bang Theory” has reached the peak of its popularity and it’s getting 20 million viewers per week. It was under appreciated by awards groups in its earlier years, but has finally started to rack up nominations and sporadic wins. The “Big Bang” cast is more popular than ever and I fully expect more cast members to earn Emmy nods this year. Also, like “Friends,” “Big Bang” probably won’t earn any writing/directing nods this year so voters may be compelled to throw their support in the top race.

Every decade there’s a long-running sitcom (e.g. “Friends,” “Everybody Loves Raymond”) that peaks in popularity and gets its big Emmy due late in its show’s run.

Yes, “Big Bang” has been on the tube for five seasons and it’s lost Best Comedy twice, but “Friends” and “Raymond” actually had to wait even longer — they didn’t win until their fifth nominations. Don’t underestimate “Big Bang,” folks!

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