Watch: David Morrissey surprised to survive season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’

Fans of “The Walking Dead” were certain that the Governor — the primary foil to sheriff Rick Grimes in this post-apocalyptic world — would meet his demise at the end of the third season. But he escaped the ambush, delaying the inevitable showdown till at least next year. 

And, in the revealing video chat below, David Morrissey admits that he too was kept in the dark that his character would live to fight another season: “I didn’t know what was going to happen in the last episode until it was delivered. None of us do and I think that element for us as actors, but also for the audience, where you think “gosh, no one is safe” that adds to the show’s relationship with its audience… I was very glad to see I survived.”

And how.

The Governor turned on his loyal supporters, massacring his army at the end of an unsuccessful raid. The actor believes if his character “had time to think about it, he wouldn’t have done it … He’s got to a point where, you know, the world is his enemy, anybody saying no is the enemy, anybody going against him is the enemy and he’s in a traumatic place and he’s a man psychotically unhinged… it’s not something that he set out to do … it’s not rational in any way… he just lost it and it’s a terrible thing to see.” 

What can we expect from him in season four?

Morrissey reveals: “What we deal with now is … how he deals with having done something so unhinged and traumatic and the price it pays on him … The story will be about how he deals with that, there’s definitely unfinished business as far as he’s concerned with Rick and the prison… With all the characters in season four, it’s about how the events of season three has changed them.”

As to whether he views his character as a villain, the actor admits, “I don’t think he was particularly sadistic or evil or indulged in the dark side before the apocalypse happened … He probably was someone who was not taking responsibility in the workplace. He was probably a berated person rather than someone on the front foot but these circumstances they surprise people … both in a positive and negative way.”

How so?

“People step forward and are able to sort of mold the country and the circumstance to what they want, that’s always a surprise … and I think with the Governor, he’s someone whose these circumstances have in some ways brought out the best in him and other ways they’ve brought out the worst in him, but before that I don’t think he was dealing in those emotions at all.”

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