Will airing new episodes in June give ‘Veep’ another Emmy boost?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but that isn’t usually the case at entertainment awards, where contenders usually prefer to be the last impression left on voters before they fill out their ballots.

That may be how “Veep” and “Girls” both scored surprise nominations for Best Comedy Series in 2012. Both shows were still airing new episodes in mid-June, right in the middle of the voting period for nominations.

Compare that to “Louie,” which was widely expected to break through in that race, but didn’t. “Louie” had aired its new episodes the previous summer, long before the Emmy voting took place. Was it a case of out of sight, out of mind?

Veep” is currently in seventh place in our Best Comedy Series predictions, and if those hold true it means the political satire will just miss out on a nomination. Instead, our predictors are currently betting on “Modern Family,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Girls,” and “30 Rock” to return to the category. Netflix’s “Arrested Development” is expected to reenter the race seven years after being cancelled by FOX. And “Louie” is favored to earn its first bid this time around.

But “Veep” has a unique advantage in that it was the only major contender airing new episodes during the voting period. Broadcast network shows “Modern Family” and “Big Bang” wrapped up their seasons in May. “Girls” ended in March. “30 Rock” aired its swansong back in January, and “Louie” finished last September. (“Arrested Development,” which debuted all 15 of its episodes all at once near the end of May, could be fresher in mind depending on how fast voters watched them.)

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Will the strategy pay off again for “Veep” this year?

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If critics’ notices are any indication, it might. It was nominated for Best Comedy at both the Critics’ Choice TV Awards and the Television Critics Association Awards, both of which snubbed “Girls,” “30 Rock,” and “Arrested Development.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus won Best Comedy Actress at Critics’ Choice and according to our predictors is a major threat to win Individual Achievement in Comedy at the TCA Awards.

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So does “Veep” have a stronger chance at the Emmys than we’re giving it credit for?

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