Did ACE Eddie Awards clarify or complicate Best Editing Oscar race?

Now that “Gravitylost the ACE Eddie Award for Best Edited Drama Feature to “Captain Phillips,” does that mean we all need to reevaluate our Oscar predictions for Best Editing?  

Gravity” is far and away the frontrunner for the Best Editing Oscar with 2/9 odds amongst Gold Derby’s Experts, Editors and Users, but now that the American Cinema Editors have had their say, it’s clear we may be overestimating its chances. After all, 19 of the past 23 Oscar winners for editing won first with the guild, with all but one of these (“Chicago,” 2002) having prevailed on the drama side. 

If the ACE voters had given the prize to “Gravity,” they would have had a bona fide heavyweight accept the trophy in the form of  helmer Alfonso Cuaron, who edited the picture with Mark Sanger. That voters went elsewhere might suggest “Gravity” isn’t the out-of-this-world frontrunner we all assumed.

Or is there another reason for that surprising win by “Captain Phillips”?

While cutter Christopher Rouse accepted the Eddie on behalf of “Captain Phillips,” the film’s director Paul Greengrass had been honored with the Golden Eddie Award earlier that evening at the lavish ceremony in Beverly Hills. Did voters simply want to show their honoree a little extra love by also giving his film their top prize of the year?

While “Captain Phillips” is in third place for Best Editing at the Oscars with odds of 16/1, the night’s other winner — Comedy/Musical champ “American Hustle” — is in second at 12/1. Have we been so star-struck by “Gravity” this awards season that we’ve been underestimating these two contenders for the editing Oscar all along?

Of the 23 Experts predicting this category at Gold Derby, only one (Claudia Puig, USA Today) thinks “American Hustle” will prevail at the Oscars for Best Editing while just one other (Scott Feinberg, Hollywood Reporter) is predicting “Captain Phillips.” It will be interesting to see how those predictions change, if at all, in the days and weeks following the ACE Eddie Awards ceremony.

Our fourth place film for the Best Editing Oscar is “12 Years a Slave” with 50/1 odds while “Dallas Buyers Club” comes in last at 100/1. While these movies are expected to be big Oscar winners in other categories — like Best Picture for “12 Years” and Best Actor for “Dallas” — they’re not expected to make a dent in the race for Best Editing.

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