Watch: Adam Scott finds flash forward on ‘Parks and Recreation’ to be ‘really exciting’

This season of “Parks and Recreation” ended with a game-changing three year jump forward. During our recent webcam chat (watch below) star Adam Scott characterized this bold move as “really exciting” and thinks it will lead to “a great way to finish off the show.”

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In next year’s final season, his character, Ben Wyatt, and Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) will be parents to three-year-old triplets. For Scott, “skipping over the whole baby thing was really smart, because I feel like we’ve seen that before and there’s no need to go over that well tread sitcom tropes of having a brand new baby.” He thinks Ben and Leslie are “absolutely” going to be fun parents.

On saying goodbye to Parks,” the actor admits, “It’s bittersweet just because it’s the best job I’ve ever had … but at the same time, it’s time and it’s great to go out while the show’s still at a peak and still relevant … To come back for a final season now is really smart and we are all going to miss it and we are going to miss each other … If you feel like it’s a little soon it’s probably the right time to do it … It’s good to not overstay your welcome.”

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His character is often the one reacting which he says is “really fun actually. In a lot of ways Ben is sort of the straight man of the group, kind of glancing at the camera and in a way asking the audience to sympathise.” But, he adds, “they also let Ben have his own quirks … this season, I get drunk and incredibly upset with my parents. I create ‘The Cones of Dunshire’ where I go a little crazy and create an insane board game that makes no sense … even the straight man of the show has a character that has his own foibles and insanity and that makes it really fun… I love being the reactionary one but I also love every once in a while to be incredibly stupid.”

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As for the complexity of ‘The Cones of Dunshire’ recounting, he admits: “I tried to figure it out the second time we shot it … I actually sat down and tried to make sense of it and I just couldn’t. I don’t think it makes sense but at some point they want to make it a real game. So if they do that they will have to make sense of it.”

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