Watch: Adam Scott’s Emmy contender that’s ‘The Greatest Event in Television History’

This year, there is one Emmy contender that features a slew of Oscar, Grammy and Emmy-winning superstars. “The Greatest Event in Television History,” created by “Parks and Recreation” star Adam Scott and his wife Naomi Scott, recreates classic TV series opening credits.

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Each episode is hosted by four-time Emmy winning host Jeff Probst and features Scott alongside stars such as Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler. It opens with a mockumentary on “the making of …” and includes a countdown to the opening credits being aired.

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This sly spoof is competing in one of the lesser-known categories at the Emmys: “Best Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program,” which recognizes accomplishments that are 15 minute or less which air on network, cable or satellite TV or online. The Cartoon Network’s “Children’s Hospital” has won this race for two years running. 

As Scott told us during a recent webcam chat (watch below), he is glad there is “a place where you can make something that wouldn’t necessarily sustain a full 22 to 23 minute format but it fits a little better in 9 to 16 minutes. It’s great to have a place like Adult Swim, or online, where it lives a bit better… and the audiences are interested in stuff like that; kind of bite size stuff. It’s really really fun to make stuff like that and to see it live on online.”

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Below, watch the series finale in which Paul Rudd moves in with Scott to prepare for shooting the “Bosom Buddies” credits. It includes cameos from original series star Tom Hanks and Billy Joel who crooned the catchy title tune. 

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