Will Alfonso Cuaron win three Oscars for ‘Gravity’?

Winning three Academy Awards in your career is a rarity. Just ask Meryl Streep, who finally took home Oscar #3 in 2011 almost three decades after winning her second one (“Sophie’s Choice,” 1982). It’s almost unheard of to win a trio of Oscars on the same night, but that’s what many of our Experts, Editors and Users think will happen on March 2 for “Gravity” multi-hyphenate Alfonso Cuaron.

Cuaron’s three Oscar nominations this year — for producing, editing and directing “Gravity” — doubled his career haul. In 2002 he was nominated with his brother Carlos Cuaron for their original screenplay of “Y Tu Mamá También” (Pedro Almodvoar won for “Talk to Her”) and in 2006 he scored bids for writing and editing “Children of Men” but lost to “The Departed” in both instances. 

Of Cuaron’s trio of nominations this year, he’s a virtual lock to win Best Director with 2/13 odds. He’s won every precursor prize (DGA, Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice) so if he loses the Oscar, that will be one of the biggest shocks of the night.

He’s also predicted to take home the Best Editing Oscar along with co-cutter Mark Sanger, enjoying 1/3 odds. That they are such strong favorites is somewhat of a surprise, given that they lost the ACE Eddie Award last week to “Captain Phillips,” which comes in second place in our predictions with 5/1 odds.

Cuaron’s least-likely shot at winning an Oscar is in the Best Picture race, where “12 Years a Slave” is the frontrunner with 2/3 odds. But hold on — five of our Oscar Experts have changed their predictions from “12 Years” to “Gravity,” including our own Tom O’Neil and Paul Sheehan. Might they be on to something here?

I posed the question in our forums about Cuaron’s likelihood of winning all three Oscars and our reader nkb325 reminds us, “James Cameron actually won the same three for ‘Titanic’ that Cuaron is up for for ‘Gravity’: Picture, Director, and Editing. Funny similarity seeing as they were also both the biggest blockbusters in their years and weren’t nominated for screenplay.”

DominicCobb added, “The Coen brothers won three (Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay) in 2007, and were up for a fourth (editing, though under the Roderick Jaynes pseudonym). Peter Jackson won the same trio in 2003.”

Going back a few decades, Halo_Insider writes, “Billy Wilder also won three for Producing/Directing/Writing ‘The Apartment.’ ‘The Lost Weekend’ earned all three honors too, but he wasn’t listed as a producer then.”

Walt Disney earned 22 Oscars over his career, including a record four in 1953 for a variety of projects including short subjects and documentaries.

Do you think Cuaron can win all three races on March 2? Vote for Best Picture using our easy drag-and-drop menu, then sound off in the comments section below!

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