Irony alert: Alfonso Cuaron gets Oscar from Angelina Jolie who dropped out of ‘Gravity’

As we predicted, Alfonso Cuaron won Best Director at the Oscars for helming “Gravity.” Among those he thanked was his leading lady Sandra Bullock.

One of the presenters of the prize was Angelina Jolie who was originally to play the astronaut stranded in space. When she dropped out, so did her co-star Robert Downey, Jr. who was replaced by George Clooney

The chemistry between Bullock and Clooney was part of the winning charm of the picture. Would Jolie and Downey have done as good a job? 

As an aside, kudos to Jolie for her grace when saluting her co-presenter Sidney Poitier. She effortlessly eased the rough spots in the remarks of this 87-year-old icon. 

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