5 reasons why Allison Janney (‘Mom’) will win Best Comedy Supporting Actress at Emmys

While many pundits continue to flip-flop between Allison Janney (“Mom“) and Kate Mulgrew (“Orange is the New Black“) as Best Comedy Supporting Actress, it’s time for the hard facts, folks. Janney actually won this category a year ago when CBS first announced she’d be playing a wacky, alcoholic mother on a Chuck Lorre sitcom. This race is over. Need further proof? Scroll down for my Top 5 reasons why Janney has Emmy #6 in the bag.

(Also check out my fellow editor Ralph Galvan‘s 5 reasons why he thinks Mulgrew is going to win.)

Emmy Episode Analysis: Is Allison Janney (‘Mom’)
a slam dunk for Comedy Supporting Actress?

1. She’s. The. Funniest.
If voters want to give an award to the funniest supporting lady of the six nominees, there’s no question Janney will be their choice. In her episode submission “Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast,” Janney believes she’s pregnant, but it’s actually just menopause. She gets to do physical comedy, she sings, she has great one-liners, and she even goes through a physical transformation by dyeing her hair pink. Everything you need in an Emmy episode, in only 22 minutes.

2. Emmy voters love CBS sitcoms
In particular, voters love CBS laffers that are produced by Lorre. In the past several years, Jim Parsons won three lead acting Emmys for “The Big Bang Theory,” Jon Cryer won lead and supporting trophies for “Two and a Half Men,” Kathy Bates earned her first-ever Emmy as a guest star on “Two and Half Men,” and Melissa McCarthy scored a surprise victory for “Mike and Molly.” Janney should have no problem continuing this trend.

3. She’s arguably the lead
When Gold Derby uncovered late last year that Janney would be entered into the supporting categories for awards shows, that was indeed a surprise because she’s arguably the co-lead of “Mom” along with Anna Faris. Understandably, CBS didn’t want these two ladies to compete against each other for kudos, so they let Faris try her luck in lead (unsuccessfully) while Janney entered the supporting race. Something tells us that if this strategy doesn’t pay off for Faris by next year, then Janney could be submitted as Lead Comedy Actress in the years to come, just like how she was promoted from supporting to lead on “The West Wing” to make room for Stockard Channing.

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4. Five-timers club
Speaking of “The West Wing,” Janney won four Emmys for that NBC political drama (two supporting, two lead) and earned another Emmy last week at the 66th Creative Arts ceremony for her guest work on “Masters of Sex.” Five acting trophies puts her within only a small group of actors and actresses, indicating that the TV Academy absolutely loves this woman. It simply wouldn’t make sense for them to turn on Janney now, just as she’s starring in yet another successful TV series.

5. Lack of competition
Let’s face it, despite all those positives above, Janney is going to win Best Comedy Supporting Actress because the competition just isn’t very strong this year. Janney is far out front according to Gold Derby’s Experts, Editors and Users, giving her leading odds of 4/9. As for the competition, I agree that Mulgrew is the best alternative to Janney, but Mulgrew’s way too dramatic and weepy to prevail in a comedy category. And none of the other nominated supporting ladies have the episode or the buzz to pull off an upset, either. Better luck next year, Mulgrew, Julie Bowen (“Modern Family“), Kate McKinnon (“Saturday Night Live“), Mayim Bialik (“The Big Bang Theory“) and Anna Chlumsky (“Veep“).

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Out of the 26 Emmy categories being presented Monday night, this is one of the easy ones to predict, don’t you agree? Janney is going to win and Mulgrew is going to lose (sorry, Galvan). Make your own Best Comedy Supporting Actress prediction below our Editors’ slugfest for this category.

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