Watch: Allison Tolman teases ‘surprising and satisfying’ finale of ‘Fargo’ (Exclusive Video)

“You’re gonna make me stress vomit, Marcus!” exclaimed Allison Tolman (“Fargo“) during our recent webcam chat after I rattled off the high-profile names vying for Emmy nominations in the Movie/Mini Supporting Actress category. (Watch the complete interview below.)

According to Gold Derby’s exclusive odds, Tolman is in the running against Julia Roberts (“The Normal Heart“), Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett (“American Horror Story: Coven“), Jacqueline Bisset (“Dancing on the Edge“), Ellen Burstyn (“Flowers in the Attic“), Kathy Baker (“Return to Zero“) and Janet McTeer (“The White Queen“).

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That’s quite the company to be a part of, especially for a relativel newcomer like Tolman who’s starring in her first major project. “I’m starting to be recognized on the street, which is really cool and kind of bizarre. Everybody knows the story of me sort of temping a year ago and how quickly this has happened and this experience has unfolded for me. I think people are also just really congratulatory. They’re kind of like all proud parents that I run into at coffee shops.”

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Tolman revealed her initial feelings about “Fargo” back when she first heard about the project and before she’d had the chance to read anything yet. Her quick take was “one of sort of concern and disapproval that they were making a TV show out of this iconic and really awesome film. But the first time I read the pilot and I read Noah [Hawley]’s script and I was introduced to this world that he created, I felt like we were in good hands and that we were gonna be okay.”

‘Fargo,’ ‘The Normal Heart’ top Critics’ Choice TV Award nominations

Tolman was recently nominated for a Critics Choice TV Award, the first kudos of her acting career. How is she preparing for the big night? “I haven’t even thought about a speech. I started thinking about dresses. This is my first time I’ve had to think about what to wear for an awards show, so that was an interesting kind of realization. But luckily I’ve got a lot of people who have done this before that I’ve surrounded myself with and can kind of help guide me in the right direction.”

Tolman closed out the interview by teasing us on the upcoming “Fargo” finale, scheduled to air on FX June 17. “There’s a lot that happens between now and then. We’re on a fast-moving train. I will say that I feel that we have crafted a finale that will feel both surprising and satisfying to the viewers. They won’t feel like they saw that coming, but they also won’t feel like that doesn’t make any sense. I think people will enjoy it. I certainly did when I read it.”

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