Our ‘Amazing Race’ contest champ reveals how Amy & Maya won Season 25

“Despite doubting myself several times, I did actually have Amy and Maya winning. I believe it was about halfway through the season I decided to switch my pick to them,” explains Gold Derby’s contest champ Adam Rock. This user beat all others while predicting “The Amazing Race” Season 25, earning the top position on our leaderboard thanks to his accuracy and score. See all of Rock’s predictions here.

Also in our chat, this 23-year-old accounting student from Toronto, Ontario reveals how he knew the underdog food scientists would win. Below, read the entire Q&A with our “Amazing Race” Season 25 contest champ.

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How did you know Amy and Maya would win the season?

I felt like if they somehow were able to make it to the final leg that they had a really good chance at winning because of the memory challenge that always takes place in that final leg. They may not have been the strongest team on the race but I felt like they were the smartest team, so that final leg really played to their strength.

Who were you rooting for, if not them?

I didn’t really have much of a rooting interest when it came to any of the teams this season, actually.

What team were you happiest to see eliminated?

Brooke and Robbie.

How long have you been a fan of the race?

About five years.

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What season was your favorite? Where would you rank this one?

I love the “Amazing Race” All-Star seasons more than any others. I liked this season, but not as much as some years past.

What one element of the race would you change?

I really dislike the non-elimination legs. I feel as if when the episode is over with that nothing was really accomplished because no one was even eliminated. If the producers are worried about getting a certain amount of episodes into the season then they should just add more teams. It would make each episode a little bit more intense knowing that a team is definitely going home every leg.

What other events do you predict at Gold Derby?

I predict mostly everything except for some of the reality shows I do not watch.

Thanks Adam!

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