‘Amazing Race’ slugfest: Is dentist Jim a white-teethed snake in the grass?

Is this season of “The Amazing Race” going to bore us to tears now that the season’s villains Lisa and Michelle have already been eliminated? Or might dentist Jim be a white-teethed snake in the grass?

That’s just one of the topics we discussed in our new “Amazing Race” predictions slugfest. Joining me in our fireside chat are Executive Editor Paul Sheehan and the three-time winner of our reality TV prediction contests Denton Davidson. (Watch our slugfest below or listen to the audio version.)

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“I don’t see a lot of angry, mean personalities left this year,” said Davidson. “I still have a feeling that Jim, the male dentist, will blow up some day, but I don’t know why. He has that look to me. I’m just waiting for it to happen”

“It might be his tan skin, but I feel like this guy has a dark side,” I agreed.

“When we talked to the winners of last year [Dave & Connor], I asked them about the camera and they said that you honestly forget that they’re there,” Sheehan chimed in.

Our exclusive racetrack odds, which come from the combined predictions of users like you, favor Jim and his dentist wife Misti to win the race in second place with 6/1 odds. First place, though, goes to Adam & Bethany, who have leading 11/2 odds.

As for who is likely to be last to the mat on Friday, boyfriends Timothy & Te Jay are in first place to get the boot with 11/2 odds, followed by mother/daughter superfans Shelley and Nici in second place with 6/1 odds of being eliminated.

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