‘Amazing Race’ castoff Shelley Porter: Why we screwed over Keith & Whitney (podcast)

Last week “The Amazing Race” castoffs Keith and Whitney told Gold Derby that Shelley and Nici “made no strategic sense” in using the U-Turn against them. When we sat down with Shelley following her “Amazing Race” exit, we asked her about that controversial decision that cost Keith and Whitney their game. (Nici was going to join us, but like a true “Amazing Race” player she got stuck on a plane.)

“Everyone seems to think that the smarter strategic choice would have been to U-Turn the dentists [Misti and Jim]. But from our point of view, there was no point or benefit to U-Turning a team if you’re not sure where they are,” Shelley explained. “You only get one. You need it to count. U-Turning the dentists at that stage was a gamble [Nici] and I couldn’t afford to make.”

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Scroll down to listen to our entire Q&A, where Shelley also comments on how she was portrayed in terms of the show’s editing. Are Shelley and Nice pleased with how they were depicted, or does Shelley believe they were portrayed inaccurately? Among the other topics Shelley discusses with us are her least favorite challenge, the best city she visited, whether being a real-life flight attendant helped her game and which team she hopes will win Season 25.

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