Evan Peters: Playing a sex-crazed monster in ‘AHS’ left me speechless (exclusive video)

Evan Peters faced a monster of an acting challenge in the “Coven” installment of “American Horror Story” – he had to express raging fury and aching love without the benefit of much dialog. His character, Kyle, was stitched together from spare body parts so that dueling witches could share him as a love slave. During his assembly as their sexual Frankenstein monster, little priority was placed upon Kyle being able to engage in sparkling conversation.

“A lot of the waking-up scenes were weird to do,” he says in our webcam chat. “I had to think a lot about how he was going to move. Just flopping around all over the place was a lot of fun.”

Shooting one scene was particularly haunting for the star who is a contender for Best Supporting Actor in a Movie/Mini at the Emmys.

“He was getting tattoos with his buddies,” Peters says. “He swings back around and you see that his buddy’s arm is now his arm and his buddy’s leg is his leg now. It was a very intense moment for Kyle – a lot of crazy stuff to play.”

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Peters doesn’t yet know what role he’ll play in “Freak Show,” the upcoming installment of “American Horror Story” that will air this fall. Creator Ryan Murphy has only revealed a few scant details so far: It will be set in Florida during the 1950s, operated by a mysterious German (Jessica Lange). Among the sidekick characters will be a killer clown and scary bearded lady, but Peters doesn’t know which role will be his, only that he’ll portray the son of Michael Chiklis and Kathy Bates. Shooting doesn’t begin till mid-summer when the actors will receive scripts shortly before cameras roll.

“I know it takes place in Jupiter, Florida,” he says. “I believe it’s a period piece. Jessica is working on a German accent. That’s all I know. I’m excited to find out as well.”

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