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“American Horror Story: Freak Show”

nkb325: Good premiere. It honestly probably got me the least invested out of all the seasons, but Coven had an amazing premiere and then devolved into a mess, and this one at least looks like it has a lot of potential storylines and maybe so season long arcs that could be good, so I’m definitely going to keep watching.

Icky: I thought this was quite easily AHS‘s best premiere. By this show’s standards it was focused and lowkey. The editing wasn’t annoying. There were a few standout scenes. The problems I had are pretty much the problems I’ve always had with this series even when it’s at its best.

espnfan: Am I the only person who did not care for the killer clown?  I understand restraint is something Ryan Murphy really does not do or understand, but the killer clown feels like overkill.  Or it feels like a plot point that exsists for nothing other than to be shocking.  Or something outrageous just for outrageousness sake.

“The Imitation Game”

Baby Clyde: Saw this yesterday and it’s bloody brilliant. Could easily be another stuffy British period drama but it’s funny and touching and tragic and all round brilliantly done. Benedict Cumberbatch is a shoo in for a nom and I suspect Keira Knightley can make it as well. Some of the objections are true as well as some of the dialogue being clumsy and the plotting contrived but over all it’s a job really well done. Expect nominations galore.

Joe Burns: Oooo, I’m excited to see it now!! I’m hoping it will be really good!  I’m currently predicting it to win Best Picture.

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“How to Get Away with Murder”

DCurrie: I really liked the third episode of “How to Get Away with Murder”. While there is room is for plenty of development, it seems the writers are working to “define” the characters and story. Ana Ortiz was really good, and I wished they’d done more with she & Annalise’s dynamic. But it was effective, nonetheless. Viola was off the chain, as norm. I believe there are so many layers to Annalise to explore, but the writers are really going to need to step it up to keep up with the skills of a one Viola Davis!

vinny: That episode was jam packed with surprises. The whole thing about the fiancee and his past interactions with the other law student was surprising. Interesting to see where they take that one. The case they had this week was really interesting. The part that i liked the best was the fact that she chose to represent Rebecca and then they had that closing scene. My grade: A+

Will Felicity Jones go supporting for “The Theory of Everything”?

FilmGuy619: So far, people are predicting that Felicity Jones could get nominated for Best Actress for “The Theory of Everything,” myself included. Yet something tells me that they could put her in the supporting category. If you take a look at “A Beautiful Mind,” where Jennifer Connelly won Best Supporting Actress for what was arguably a lead role despite the film being about her character’s husband John Nash, then something similar could happen here.

Zooey the Dreamer: Based on her memoir. It’s about both of them. Didn’t Jim Broadbent win supporting for Iris? It wasn’t a biography of Iris Murdoch. It was about her relationship with her husband and Broadbent had as much screentime as Judi Dench. And the film was based on An Elegy for Iris, written by her husband. So pretty much this doesn’t mean a lot. A supporting actress campaign could be easier because Jones isn’t an actress you automatically put on your ballot.

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RIP Jan Hooks (“Saturday Night Live”)

Macbeth: I LOVED her on Saturday Night Live, I LOVED her on Third Rock from the Sun but I absolutely adored her on The Simpsons. She will be missed – what a sad year for comedy this has been. I hope they pay tribute to her this coming weekend on SNL.

BamaEd: I absolutely loved her on SNL. She was so funny and so versatile. She did a great Tammy Faye, Hillary, The Sweeney Sisters.

Katy Perry at the Super Bowl

Atypical: Looks like Katy Perry landed the Super Bowl halftime show. :-/

Final2: Well I dont really mind Katy doing the halftime show she’s got a lot of good press lately for her time on College Gameday maybe that pushed her past the other potential performers.

neverkneel: I already feel sorry for the audence. She (offically) cannot sing live. The only thing they see will be colorful costumes and hairs. She should be allowed to playback for the good of people’s ears.

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