‘American Idol’ contest: See your scores at halfway point of competition

After weeks of grueling competition, Malaya Watson was eliminated from “American Idol,” leaving only seven contestants in the running to win Season 13. (Watch Gold Derby’s webchat with the ousted singer below.)

Now that the live shows have reached their halfway point, where does that leave YOU? Who’s out front to win our “American Idol” predictions contest and claim the prizes of a $100 Amazon gift card and two tickets to a taping of “Idol” next season?

In first place with 7031 points LexMG. This user has been in the #1 position for several weeks now, so it’s up to you to put an end to his reign and see your own name at the top of our leaderboard.

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Second place goes to Dehlavi with 5915 points, third place is Magic 8 Ball with 5295 points, fourth place is jsonwho with 5285 points and fifth place is WiltedYouth with 4199 points.

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Those are the only users with more than 4000 points, but many others have impressive scores too, making this truly anybody’s game.

Sixth place is Gazpacho with 3356 points, seventh place is Max with 2906 points, eighth place is Denton with 2701 points, ninth place is MarcusJamesDixon (me) with 2663 points, and tenth place is Jason Boegh with 2604 points.

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Don’t see your name listed? Click on the “Full Leaderboard” button on the above-left chart to see where you place at the end of Top 8, Part 2 Week — or simply click here.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how you scored in any individual week, but instead how well you did at the end of the season.

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To cast your votes and try your luck in our contest, simply log into your predictions, click on the “American Idol” button and answer our weekly questions. Or you can vote now by scrolling down to the TV Derby Predictions menu below.

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