‘American Idol’ controversy: Do judges really deliberate during ‘Save Me’ song?

Are “American Idol” judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. pulling a fast one on America?

Every week, the contestant who receives the lowest number of America’s votes gets to sing a last-chance Save Me song, then the judges are supposed to deliberate amongst themselves for whether or not they’ll bail out the contestant from elimination by using their sole Judges’ Save of the season.

But are the judges really deliberating? Or is it all for show?

This weekend, I chatted with Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neil on all things “Idol,” including the controversy of the judges’ deliberations. (Watch the video at the bottom of this post or listen to the podcast below.)

I hypothesized, “I personally think that this is how it goes. I think maybe the judges talk beforehand. Maybe they say, ‘We have our five favorites, and if one of our five favorites has the lowest amount of votes, we’re gonna save them.'”

“The Save Me song is so unimportant. It doesn’t matter,” I harrumphed. “[Being saved] is based on if the judges like you, if America likes you, or if you’ve had some good moments on the show or if you could win. The Save Me song has absolutely nothing to do with whether they’ll be saved.”

“Well then they should stop calling it the Save Me song!” Tom shouted. “Because last week when M.K. Nobilette was singing away, they weren’t paying any attention to her at all. They were joking, and you could tell they weren’t even talking about the save or not, right? They were having this wonderful little time, and I just thought, how rude of you guys.”

“Now they didn’t do it this week [with Majesty Rose]. There was one little quickie comment between Keith and JLo. Maybe they read my online rant — haha,” Tom continued. “But they gotta stop doing that. It’s supposed to be, someone’s getting their last word before their hanging, right? And you’re supposed to be respectful if nothing else. Even if it doesn’t really help them get saved, at least be respectful.”

Hear all of our thoughts on “Idol” during our slugfest below, including who we’re rooting for to win this season and which former winner Tom absolutely hates (“How the hell did he win?!”).

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