‘American Idol’ prediction: Why Jena Irene will triumph and Caleb Johnson will be crushed

Sorry, Caleb Johnson fans: It’s time for a reality TV reality check. Jena Irene will win “American Idol” regardless of the deluded prattle of lunatics like Marcus Dixon who give you false hope.

Jena has exceptional talent – a bewitching cry in her voice that gives JLo “goosies” and the rest of us hope that “America’s Next Superstar” (the original title of “American Idol“) is born. She commands the stage like a budding Madonna who really knows how to put on a show.

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Meantime, Caleb looks like an unwashed stoner who stumbled into the Nokia Theater looking for the garage metal band he lost in the 1980s when he missed the tour bus. Marcus argues that he’ll win because, well, “‘Idol’ voters favor guys over girls” in general, adding, “It’s no secret that the vast majority of ‘American Idol’ voters are pre-teen girls who rack up their parents’ phone bills every year as they vote for whichever finalist they find the cutest.” True. And that’s why he’s going to lose. Caleb’s not cute. He’s a dumpy wannabe of dubious talent, who sounds like he’s strangling cats every time he pretends to “sing.”

By comparison, Jena is sexy, alluring and – with the proper stylists, arrangers and manager – the next Kelly Clarkson/ Carrie Underwood. You see, when the girls who vote for “American Idol” don’t have a cute male contestant (with talent) to back, they often opt for a female vision of themselves en route to glory.

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Gold Derby users agree. (Take that, Marcus!) Jena Irene leads with the best racetrack odds (4 to 11) based upon user predictions. There’s still time for you to contribute your pick – click here — and win our contest prize of $100 Amazon gift certificate.

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