‘American Idol’ predictions: Is C.J. Harris ‘Free Fallin’ out of competition?

Memo to “American Idol” singer C.J. Harris: When you’re constantly showing up in America’s bottom three and in danger of elimination, it’s probably not the best idea to sing something called “Free Fallin.”

Ironic song title aside, was C.J. able to save himself one more week by outsinging all of the other contestants on “Idol’s” 80s night?

Unfortunately, according to Gold Derby’s racetrack odds, C.J. may have free-falled himself right out of the competition with his rendition of the Tom Petty classic. He now has the best chance to be eliminated from “American Idol” with 10/11 odds of going home.

C.J. is no stranger to being at the bottom of our racetrack odds. He was your pick to be eliminated last week, in Top 9 Week and in Top 12 Week, but he somehow managed to survive all the way to the Top 8 of Season 13. Will this week be any different?

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If C.J. does mange to stick it out for yet another week, your second place choice to get eliminated is Sam Woolf with 2/1 odds. Sam was just saved last week by the judges, so he’s already got one foot out the door.

Third place to be sent home is Malaya Watson with 6/1 odds, with Dexter Roberts in fourth place with 12/1 odds and Jessica Meuse in fifth place with 18/1 odds. Do you think Jessica is a dark horse to claim the “Idol” crown, or is she too boring?

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There’s a three-way tie for who’ll be eliminated last between frontrunners Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston, all with 50/1 odds. If any of these three get sent home it’ll be a huge shock because of their frontrunner statuses, and something tells us the judges would instantly regret last week’s decision to save Sam.

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