‘American Idol’ Top 10 results: Did the judges save M.K. Nobilette?

Spoilers for “American Idol” Top 10 week are below!

“Save her! Save her! Save her!” shouted the desperate “American Idol” studio audience after Ryan Seacrest announced that M.K. Nobilette received the lowest number of America’s votes.

M.K. forgot the lyrics to “Perfect” last night and America ended up forgetting to vote for her in return. But did the judges use their sole save of the season to protect M.K.?

The hat-wearing San Francisco native brought Jennifer Lopez to tears during her “save me” song “All of Me.” But alas, the judges still weren’t moved enough to keep M.K. in the competition — despite the entire audience chanting/pleading their support for M.K. in one of the most memorable outcries ever seen on “Idol.”

(Hey studio audience, you do realize you could have saved M.K. yourselves by actually, you know, voting for her… right?)

As we correctly predicted yesterday, it was lights out for M.K. while Dexter Roberts found his way to the bottom three for the first time. But joining M.K. and Dexter on the losers’ stools was a surprise contestant: Majesty Rose.

Yeah, yeah, we know that Majesty was just in the bottom three last week for her disastrous rendition of “Let It Go” from “Frozen,” but she made a valiant comeback during Top 10 week with Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” and arguably didn’t deserve to fall near the bottom of the pack yet again.

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