Sorry, Sam Woolf: No one’s ever won ‘American Idol’ after being saved

Poor Sam Woolf. He received the lowest number of votes Thursday night and wound up being saved by the “American Idol” judges in a dramatic confetti shower that’s usually reserved for the season’s ultimate winner.

But while Sam is busy celebrating his second chance victory, it’s time for a reality check: Ever since the Judges’ Save was introduced in Season Eight, no one that’s been saved has gone on to win the show.

Prior to Sam, a total of four singers were saved from the execution chamber. In Season 8, Matt Giraud was saved in Top 7 Week and was then eliminated for good two weeks later. In Season 9, Michael Lynche was saved in Top 9 Week and wound up lasting five more weeks. In Season 10, Casey Abrams was saved in Top 11 Week and was then eliminated five weeks later. And in Season 11, Jessica Sanchez was saved in Top 7 Week and made it all the way to the season finale, but lost out to Phillip Phillips. (The Judges’ Save was not used in Season 12.)

Could Sam be the exception to the rule and win the whole thing?

Earlier in the season, Sam seemed to have everything going for him — good looks, recognizable recording voice, kind nature. He was even your #1 pick to win the entire season during Top 13 Week, Top 12 Week and Top 11 Week. So what went wrong?

Based on our weekly “American Idol” predictions, Sam’s first signs of struggle came after being in America’s bottom three for the first time. After that, Sam dropped down to second place in our winner’s bracket for Top 10 Week. Then for Top 9 Week Sam plummeted to fourth place, where he remained for Top 8 Week.

Now that Sam’s been given a reprieve, can he do the unthinkable and win the entire season? Your early results don’t give him much hope, as he’s now in sixth place to win the show for Top 8 Week Part 2 with 5/1 odds. That places him above only Jessica Meuse and C.J. Harris, who are tied for last place with 50/1 odds.

Next week’s predictions center is now open, so head over there and cast your votes for who will be voted out next and who will ultimately win Season 13.

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