Wow! Did Jena Irene just give best ‘American Idol’ performance in 4 years? [Video]

Two girls. Two guys. If “American Idol” Season 13 is becoming a battle of the sexes, did Jena Irene just win the war with her buzzed-about performance of Elvis Presley‘s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”?

Judge Jennifer Lopez sure thinks so. (Watch the emotional video at the bottom of this post.)

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Clearly overtaken by the beauty of Jena’s performance, Lopez gave her [wet] stamp of approval to Jena by jumping on stage and giving her a kiss after the masterful performance of the Elvis classic.

Lopez shouted her excitement to past judge/current mentor/couch-sitter Randy Jackson, “Randy, I sat up there with you for two years. This is my third year doing this. I’ve never gotten up to kiss somebody after a performance. Because all I was thinking was like, Elvis Presley did this song. This is the king — the king! And you sat there and you just reinvented it.”

Flabbergasted, Lopez continued, “It was so beautiful. I was so moved. Honestly, I could cry right now. It’s crazy. Look at me, I’m shaking. It was just something else. I’m so glad I was here to witness that, it was awesome.”

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Judge Harry Connick Jr. agreed, saying, “Jena, that took such immense courage to perform that song in that way. I think it’s rare for the American public and the worldwide public to get an opportunity to see something like what you just did. Very simply put, it was incredible. Absolutely incredible.”

Gold Derby’s favorite judge Keith Urban chimed in, “What’s so beautiful about what you do is you take all these elements and you put them together in your own unique way. You are a species unto yourself. You’re like a musical platypus, baby. And you are so unique. And that was spellbinding, absolutely spellbinding.”

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