‘American Idol’ Top 5: Say goodbye to Jessica Meuse or Sam Woolf

Attention “American Idol” singers Jessica Meuse and Sam Woolf: Be afraid, be very afraid.

There should be no big surprises as to who goes home during Top 5 Week, as Jessica and Sam have the highest odds to be eliminated based on your votes in Gold Derby’s predictions center. (Make your own predictions by clicking here.)

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Jessica has been in America’s bottom two for the past couple weeks in a row, just narrowly avoiding elimination as the likes of Dexter Roberts and C.J. Harris were sent home instead.

Jessica’s biggest problem is that she’s not as memorable or showy as the main frontrunners and thus may get forgotten when it comes time for America to vote.

As for Sam, the show’s youngest crooner was already eliminated once back in Top 8 Week, and as we informed you a month ago, nobody that’s ever been saved by the judges has gone on to win the show. That means poor Sam is essentially a dead kid walking on the “Idol” stage.

Sam’s weakest attribute according to the judges is that he’s not great at connecting with the audience. Without a proper connection, America won’t feel the need to give Sam their votes.

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The other three singers — Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, Jena Irene — are essentially locks to become the Top 3 of Season 13. Unless, of course, we’re in for a huge Tamyra Gray/Jennifer Hudson-style shocker in the coming weeks.

As you can see from the above-left chart, the running order of who’s expected to be eliminated from the show as of Top 5 week is Jessica in first place with 8/11 odds of going home, Sam in second with 7/5 odds, Jena in third with 12/1 odds, and Alex and Caleb tied for last place with 40/1 odds.

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To cast your votes for who will win and who’ll be voted out next, simply log into your predictions, click on the “American Idol” button and answer our weekly questions. Or you can vote now by scrolling down to the TV Derby Predictions menu at the bottom of this post.

The winner of our “American Idol” contest at season’s end will earn a $100 Amazon gift card and two tickets to a live taping of one of next season’s episodes. So what are you waiting for? Start voting now!

Below, watch ousted soul singer C.J. Harris chat with Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil after his elimination last week.

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