‘American Idol’ contest: We have predicted one of two eliminated contestants

Spoilers for “American Idol” Top 12 week are below!

When it comes to showbiz awards, no one is better at predicting the eventual winners than Gold Derby. Just look at last week’s Oscars, where our community made up of Experts, Editors and Users correctly predicted 22 out of 24 eventual winners.

How are we doing so far at predicting “American Idol‘s” weekly cast-offs?

During our inaugural contest last week for “Idol’s” Top 13 week, our users correctly predicted that Kristen O’Connor would be voted out from the baker’s dozen of contestants.

However, this week was a different story.

Gold Derby’s users predicted that the Top 12 week would see the end of C.J. Harris‘ run, but he didn’t even end up in the bottom three. Instead, the singer who came in fourth place in our elimination vote went home: Emily Piriz.

While I correctly guessed Emily’s downfall, many others thought that her Jennifer Lopez cover song would be good enough to keep her around another week. Clearly the consensus was wrong.

You can help influence Gold Derby’s “American Idol” predictions by voting each week for who you think will be voted out. You can also predict whether the judges will save the eliminated singer and who will ultimately win “American Idol.”

It should also be noted that Sam Woolf is the far-away frontrunner to win Season 13 based on your votes. He received the highest number of winner’s votes during Top 13 week and again during Top 12 week. Can he continue to dominate our predictions throughout the entire season?

As always, sound off in the comments section below and join the discussion in our “American Idol” forum.

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