Emmy Episode Analysis: Can Amy Poehler (‘Parks and Recreation’) finally win with fifth nomination?

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, poor Amy Poehler has all lost 10 of her previous Emmy bids, including four in a row as Best Comedy Actress for “Parks and Recreation.” Could her recent Golden Globe victory combined with her episode “Recall Vote” be enough to finally win over TV academy voters? 

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SYNOPSIS: All of the characters are on pins and needles waiting for the election results and are floored to discover that a poll predicts Leslie will lose by a landslide. As the rest of them prepare for the annual City Hall Halloween party, Leslie is distracted by the results of the poll, gets drunk and ditches the festivities. Her husband Ben (Adam Scott) gets boozy with her and they end up trying to get tattoos at a pawn shop.

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Luckily, Ann (Rashida Jones) comes to their rescue just in time and saves Leslie and Ben from getting tattoos they’ll wind up regretting. She tries to raise Leslie’s spirits by forcing Leslie to read the concession speech she’d written earlier. It’s enough to sober Leslie up and get her to focus on the situation at hand: she still has one month left as a city councilwoman.

At the end of the episode, we cut to the next day where a poised and professional Leslie gives her concession speech that honors Pawnee and its citizens and lets them know she’ll still be working for them for the next 30 days. Leslie then gives Ben and Ann pumpkins with their faces carved into them to thank them for being there for her.

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Can Poehler take home her first Emmy for this role for “Recall Vote”? Let’s consider the pros and cons:


Poehler’s drunk scenes with Scott are extremely funny. And hey, didn’t Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory“) win Emmys by submitting episodes where Sheldon got smashed?

We see Poehler playing many different emotions in this episode, from anxious to disappointed, to sloppy drunk to ultimately stoic in the face of being recalled. Emmy voters love when performers show their range.

Momentum is finally on Poehler’s side, as she’s coming off her first-ever Golden Globe win for this same role.


Emmy voters like Poehler, but they clearly don’t love her as she has lost all her past races for acting, writing, producing and hosting.

Her charcter can be annoying at times. While some voters will find her drunk schtick amusing, others may turn off their TVs.

If Poehler couldn’t win last year for her hour-long entry in which her character got married, are her hopes forever dashed for winning for this role?

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Poehler is currently tied for third place in our predictions with 25/1 odds. Is 2014 finally Poehler’s year at the Emmys? Make your own predictions below.

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