Will ‘Archer’ win Best Animated Series on first Emmy nomination? (Poll)

Going dark earned FX’s hit spy spoof “Archer” its first-ever nomination for Animated Program. Season five of the show is facing off against returning nominee “Bob’s Burgers,” two-time winner “Futurama,” four-time champ “South Park” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Project.”

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Since debuting in 2010, the show, which centers around the titular narcissistic secret agent and his co-workers at the spy agency owned by his equally self-obsessed mother, has been well-received by both viewers and critics. The show has increased its ratings every year and is one of the top-rated original programs on FX. It has won the Critic’s Choice TV Award for Best Animated Series three years in a row.

The Emmys, however, have not been on the same page with “Archer.” While H. Jon Benjamin reaped a bid in first season for his voice-over work as the title character, he lost to Anne Hathaway for “The Simpsons.”

Since then, “Archer” has always come up short with the Emmys. Last year, after not getting noticed in the animation category, creator Adam Reed decided to submit the show for Best Comedy. FX sent the entire fourth season to Emmy voters but without success.

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This nominaton is reward for a big risk that “Archer” took this season. In the season premiere, we learnt that the spy agency ISIS undertook missions without the authorization of the government and is shut down. Some of the spies turn to a life of crime, distributing a literal ton of cocaine that had been seized as evidence. Nicknamed “Archer: Vice,” the gamble paid off with a nomination.

Below, vote below as to whether “Archer” will win Best Animated Series and sound off in the comments section. 

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