Bennett Miller (‘Foxcatcher’): ‘There was a vision’ to cast Steve Carell as John du Pont’ (Video)

“There was some kind of a vision for this to happen. The moment there’s a vision for Steve Carell doing this role, you get very attached to it. And then it really just becomes a question of how to work it,” said “Foxcatcher” director Bennett Miller during his recent Q&A with Gold Derby editor Tom O’Neil.

Miller was previously nominated for an Oscar for directing “Capote” (2005) and could very well be in the Oscar game again this year. He already took home the Best Director trophy at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, so awards momentum is clearly on his side. (See Gold Derby’s official Oscar rankings and racetrack odds.)

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Miller’s favorite Steve Carell scenes all involved his character John du Pont’s mother, played by Vanessa Redgrave in the film. “You have Steve Carell acting in front of Vanessa Redgrave, who has no lines in this particular scene. She’s just sitting in a wheelchair watching him. And the dynamic that was at work in the room, to have Vanessa Redgrave and all that she means to us, what she means to Steve, and him having to perform in front of her is also what the scene is about. It was one of those scenes that just fell into place.”

When Miller was asked why he chose this particular story get behind, he admitted, “It’s sort of like falling in love. I read about the story. I had not heard about it when it happened. But I read about it and I was just pulled in. I was so curious and I just found that I had a lot of energy and was very, very intrigued by it.”


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