Our ‘Big Brother’ Season 16 contest champ speaks out: ‘Deserving winner, boring season’

Chalk it up to another win for Gold Derby user Denton (full name Denton Davidson). After we posted an item earlier this month about how Denton had already won two of our reality TV prediction contests — “So You Think You Can DanceSeason 11 and “The BacheloretteSeason 10 — this 33-year-old data specialist from Minneapolis has now won his third thanks to his success at predicting “Big BrotherSeason 16.

Each victory has earned Denton a $100 Amazon gift card, and he’s actually been saving them all up throughout the year, joking, “Hopefully I can make a fun purchase at some point, or Gold Derby can pay for my holiday shopping!”

Below, see how Denton was able to claim victory predicting Season 16 of “Big Brother,” including how he knew that Derrick Levasseur would win.

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“This season of Big Brother was pretty predictable. I had Derrick as my winner prediction since about the third week and I had no doubt it would end that way. The other contestants, outside of Frankie Grande, just weren’t thinking about the game enough. Their egos were too big and they did not realize that Derrick was the puppet master the entire season and the only one thinking about the jury. He made sure to form relationships with each person before they walked out the door.

“Not only that, but he also thought about what he said to them on his goodbye videos. Each time a houseguest is evicted, they get to see messages from the houseguests who evicted them. Many houseguests stupidly take that opportunity to rub it in the evicted person’s face or make snide remarks. Derrick always took that opportunity to say nice things about the evicted houseguest and tell them they were a great player. Why most other contestants didn’t think about the fact that the evicted houseguests would one day be voting whether or not they would win $500k is beyond me.

“On finale night you could genuinely see the surprise in Cody Calafiore‘s eyes when it sank in that none of the jury was buying his argument that he was just as good of a player as Derrick. He really didn’t see it coming and that is partly due to the fact that Derrick was great about telling everyone how little of a threat he was. He had them so convinced that he was never even on the block the entire season. Had Caleb been in Cody’s place, there is no doubt he would have also taken Derrick to the end and would have been even more shocked that Derrick beat him by a landslide.

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“Overall, I did not love this season. We always knew who was going home. Nobody really flipped from one alliance to another or flipped the house upside down like seasons past. Some houseguests may have been surprised at a couple of evictions, but America was never surprised. I also felt that many of the nominees on the block just rolled over and died instead of really fighting for their lives and throwing people under the bus. The cast of the show was somewhat entertaining, but there just were no brains in that house. It was disappointing to watch. The low point of the season was definitely the predictability. The high point was watching Derrick manipulate everyone into thinking they were better players than him, while ensuring the jury knew just the opposite. I also liked the drama that Devin brought to the show early on, but unfortunately he didn’t last long. The show needs crazy people that we can hate to make you really want to cheer for those likable characters.

“Yes, America loved Donny, but nobody was THAT upset when he was ousted because we didn’t hate Derrick, Cody or Caleb. We were kind of indifferent. I want to see someone I hate go down and be taken down by a formidable, likable competitor. That never happened this year. Donny, Frankie, Nicole and Zach were without question the standout personalities of the season, whether they were liked or not. I can’t imagine anyone else ever being asked back, other than Derrick because of his obvious game skills. But Derrick’s personality was nothing to write home about.

“It was a predictable end to a predictable, average season. I thought I hated last year more, but the more I think about it, the explosive personalities on the show last year actually made it much more interesting and controversial. More people were playing the game. This season felt more like a cast of people excited just to be on TV, and the game came second. It ended with a deserving winner of a pretty boring season.”

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