‘Big Brother’ poll: Why do YOU hate Frankie Grande?

Big Brother‘s” self-proclaimed “most twisted summer ever” has proven to be one of the most predictable, lackluster seasons in its history. So why has one of the TV show’s only glimmers of entertainment, Frankie Grande, quickly become one of the most hated men in America?

Frankie Grande got off on the right foot being voted into “Team America”(along with Derrick Levasseur and Donny Thompson) by the viewers at home, but has since gone on to cause outrage and public pleas for his eviction for weeks. But I still don’t get it. Why does America hate one of the only good players in the house?

Here are five possible reasons why Frankie Grande went from a loved player to one of the show’s most hated in only a matter of weeks.

Reason 1: He crossed Donny. America has had a love affair with Donny Thompson, the good ol’ groundskeeper from North Carolina, all season. But Frankie not only encouraged his eviction, but referred to him as “dead weight” after he left. As soon as Frankie turned on Donny, America turned on him. But Frankie wasn’t the only one to turn on Donny. In fact, Cody Califiore and Caleb Reynolds were both much more outspoken about their disdain for Donny and their desires to get him out of the house as soon as possible. Are you still upset at Frankie for dropping the dead weight?

Reason 2: He is Ariana Grande‘s brother. Ok, we get it! For weeks Frankie hid this from his fellow cast members, but when his back was against the wall, he pulled the Ariana card and it worked! His stunned housemates were suddenly putty in his hands once again. Are you tired of hearing about Ariana Grande? Or are you just jealous that Frankie will likely leave the “Big Brother” house in a limo whether he wins $500k or not?

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Reason 3: He’s “too gay.” The pink-haired Broadway dancer has never shied away from his sexuality and has even felt up his hunky house mates on numerous occasions. Oddly enough, they all seemed to enjoy it (some couldn’t even resist spooning him through the night), as anything that strokes their ego seems to put a smile on their face. Is Frankie just too much to handle for “Big Brother” viewers?

Reason 4: He dominates competitions. Frankie has dominated “Big Brother” competitions with a total of nine wins and counting – that’s nearly twice as many victories as his closest competitor, Caleb Reynolds (five wins). It’s not easy being a winner. People like to cheer for the underdog. Are you tired of seeing the same person win all of the comps?

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Reason 5: He’s the best player in the game, and he knows it. Frankie has made no secret that he thinks highly of himself and his game play. He has told cameras that he “carried these boys” all the way and he knows they are going to turn on him. But to a certain extent, is it not true? He could have turned on them at various points throughout the game, but always remained loyal to his minion of meat heads, not only bringing them further, but increasing his chances of winning by teaming up with players who don’t know how to win (outside of the only other good player this season, Derrick Levasseur).

So why do you hate Frankie Grande? Would the show really be more enjoyable with him gone? Vote in our poll and let us know why Frankie Grande has become the undisputed villain of “Big Brother 16.”


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