‘Big Brother’: Is Devin Shepherd flat-out wacky or an evil genius?

Whether you love Devin Shepherd on “Big Brother” or absolutely hate him, surely everyone will agree that the Santa Barbara native makes for good television. But here’s the question we want you to ponder now: Is Devin flat-out wacky, or is he merely pretending to be crazy for the cameras? Could he actually be — gasp! — an evil genius? (Vote in our poll below.)

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Devin’s gameplay, or lack thereof:

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PRO: Creating a side deal with Donny

The original eight houseguests to enter the house on Day 1 called themselves the Crazy Eights and agreed to stick together till the very end. But not satisfied with eight so-so partners, Devin decided to pair up with the one person in the house no one would ever suspect him of being in an alliance with: Donny Thompson. It was a great move that showed Devin was a player who thought several steps ahead.

CON: Betraying Donny

But that Double D’s alliance didn’t last very long, did it? Soon after the Bomb Squad was created, Devin sold out his buddy Donny and claimed that he no longer trusted him. Something about Donny’s absence of leg hair. Days later, Devin flip-flopped yet again and apologized for ever mistrusting Donny in the first place, but the damage was done.

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PRO: Initiating the Bomb Squad

One of the most powerful alliances in “Big Brother” history is (was?) the Bomb Squad. Devin was there at its inception along with Caleb Reynolds, Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur, and then the four of them agreed to bring in two other guys to make it the strongest six-person alliance possible.

CON: Adding Amber and Christine to the Bomb Squad

Rumors of Devin’s waning sanity began to pop up after he took it upon himself to invite two new members into the Bomb Squad (Amber Borzotra and Christine Brecht) without consulting the other people in his alliance. To make matters worse, he woke up Caleb at five in the morning to let him know that the Squad had two new female members… and that they were standing right outside the door.

PRO: Winning HOH and setting his sights on Brittany

Sure, he won on a technicality, but still, Devin became HOH in Week 2. He then set his sights on Brittany Martinez and managed to convince Paola Shea to do the unthinkable: throw a competition in order to remain on the “Big Brother” chopping block. Devin promised Paola that if she threw the comp, she would be safe.

CON: Winning Veto and changing his mind about Brittany

There’s nothing weaker than seeing somebody completely flip-flop on who they want out of the house based on a single conversation. But that’s exactly what happened when Brittany pulled the “parents” card and convinced Devin to use the Veto on her because she and Devin were the only parents in the house. It worked, and Devin took her off the block, much to Paola’s bemusement.

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CON: Nominating Zach for eviction

As a replacement for Brittany, Devin did the unthinkable and nominated Zach Rance for eviction, one of his fellow alliance members. Thus, over the course of only two weeks, Devin went from initiating the Bomb Squad to nominating one of its members.

PRO: Not being nominated for eviction

Sure, the current HOH Derrick may be planning on backdooring Devin at the next Veto ceremony, but as it stands now, Devin was able to avoid being nominated for eviction. That’s pretty impressive for someone that’s well aware he’s the most hated player in the entire house.

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