Is ‘Big Brother’ Rewind the worst twist in reality TV history? We need your input!

The results are in, and you absolutely hate the “Big Brother” Rewind twist.

That’s not surprising, considering that re-watching the entire week of “Big Brother” competitions and game moves amounts to nothing more than a real-time TV rerun. As fans continue to attack the twist on social media (it’s boring! it’s predictable! it’s a waste of time!), we want to know where this week’s Rewind debacle falls within the ranks of reality TV’s worst twists of all time.

We need your input! Sound off in the comments section below with all of the other really, really bad twists from the annals of reality television.

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How will the big Rewind affect the remaining five players in the house? Let’s look at each of their chances to survive, in order of the winning odds according to Gold Derby’s exclusive predictions.

Derrick Levasseur is in the lead to win “Big Brother” with 4/9 odds. If he sits pretty this week and doesn’t try to influence the game too much, he should be fine come eviction night. Yeah, yeah, he isn’t playing in the HOH shovel-seed competition and thus has no chance to get power this week, but since when does Derrick need a key around his neck to have power?

Cody Calafiore is in second place to win “Big Brother” with 11/2 odds. He was on the block during the first version of this week and will likely go on the block again during the Rewind, unless he wins the HOH comp. In truth, it doesn’t matter if Cody is on the block at the end of the week or not because there are still two targets bigger than him that people are gunning for: competition champ Frankie and non-alliance member Victoria.

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Victoria Rafaeli is in third place to win “Big Brother” with 6/1 odds. Victoria proved this week that she’s a great sidekick to Derrick and will do everything in her power to ensure that he wins. But wait, does that mean Victoria herself can’t win? While the odds are stacked against her, she still has two chances — HOH and Veto — to secure her own safety and throw the Bomb Squad boys off their games. If she survives this week, Victoria could even make it to the finals.

Caleb Reynolds is tied for last place to win “Big Brother” with 12/1 odds. However, he appears to be in a good position amongst the other Bomb Squad members during this week’s Rewind and could probably sail through to the final four even without the aid of winning the rerun versions of the shovel-seed HOH competition or the freak show Veto challenge.

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Frankie Grande is also tied for last place to win “Big Brother” with 12/1 odds. Poor Frankie was once many people’s picks to win the entire game, but he’s gone from first to worst in the past few weeks thanks to his arrogance, attitude and dominance. Frankie will likely need to win one of this week’s challenges in order to ensure his survival, because he’s too much of a threat for Derrick, Cody and Caleb to not consider back-dooring.

Is “Big Brother” Rewind really the worst twist in reality TV history? Don’t forget to sound off in the comments section below with your other candidates for Worst. Twist. Ever.

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